Hezbollah committee visits Russia

Thursday, 18 March 2021 - 09:05

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday a committee of Hezbollah, led by Mohammad Raad the leader of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc faction in parliament, entered Russia.

The committee met with Lebanese ambassador the first thing. This trip takes three days and the Hezbollah delegation is scheduled to meet with officials from the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Federal Council and the Russian Duma.

The committee met with Iranian ambassador and appreciated Islamic Republic helps and supports for Lebanese Resistance.

Hezbollah’s delegation to Russia includes Ammar Mousavi, Hezbollah’s head of Arab and international relations, his deputy, Ahmad Mohana, and Hezbollah media adviser Ahmad Haj Ali.

The main reason of inviting a committee of Hezbollah to Russia has not been stated but since both fight in the same front in Syria against terrorism and Russia’s stance against Zionist Regime violation of Lebanon’s air and maritime borders and political and financial crises in Lebanon, the key points can be talks over the regional incidents, lack of new government in Lebanon, Syria battle, preventing tension between Lebanon and Israel and expanding bilateral relations.
In the meeting between the committee and Russia’s FM, Sergey Lavrov, forming the government in Lebanon, regional incidents and fighting terrorism were covered.

Hebrew papers Yedioth Ahronoth claimed that Gabi Ashkenazi, Zionist Regime FM, will meet Lavrov in Moscow on Tuesday.

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