Latest Updates on Yemen, 28 March 2021

Sunday, 28 March 2021 - 19:50

1- Saudi coalition air raids in the last 48 hours:
– Sarwah district 7 times, Madghal district 12 times, Majzar district 2 times, Marib province.
– Khab and Shaaf district 4 times, Al Jawf province.
– Bani Hassan area once, Hajjah province.
– Majazah once, Saadah province.
– Lahiyah district once, Al Hudaydah province.

2- Taiz:
AnsarAllah attack on Saudi coalition in areas Noba, Najd al-Ahkum and Soq al-Ahkum near Taiz-Aden road.

3- Marib:
AnsarAllah and Saudi coalition conflict in Malbuda and Idat al-Raa front.

4- Al Hudaydah:
Saudi coalition forces violated ceasefire in the province 326 times in the last 48 hours.

5- Sanaa
Body of Abdul Aziz Yusuf Omar, the first Saudi martyr who fought in Yemen and was from Mecca, was buried in Sanaa. (image)

6- General Yahya al-Sari’, Yemeni armed forces spokesperson:
We might launch powerful and painful blows that Saudi regime has not experienced before, unless they stop the assault and siege.
Now it’s Saudi’s turn and the seventh year is the year of surprise in the military operations.

7- The Saudi coalition reportedly shot down two Ansar Allah drone over the southern Saudi Arabia.

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