Yemen: Latest Updates on Marib Front, 29 March 2021

Monday, 29 March 2021 - 21:28

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between Ansar Allah and the Saudi-led forces continued west of the city of Marib near the Suwayda refugee camp.

After the attack of the Saudi-led forces (Mansour Hadi forces + al-Qaeda and ISIS militants) on the al-Kasarat front, Ansar Allah launched heavy counter-attacks on the coalition positions, which has so far led to some advances on this front.

Currently, clashes continue in the heights of Dush al-Haqan, Hamat al-Dhiyab and near the Suwayda refugee camp.

Saudi coalition media claimed that Ansar Allah attacked the Suwayda refugee camp with several rockets which led to killing of dozens of displaced people. However its is not true according to ISWN field sources, and clashes in the area are due to the Saudi coalition forces taking refuge in the camp.

Saudi coalition warplanes bombed the western fronts of Ma’rib 37 times in 48 hours, and Ansar Allah has launched a missile attack on Saudi coalition positions in Ma’rib.

The liberation of al-Khashab mountain and the Suwayda refugee camp is an important step towards advancing west of the city of Maib, and if Ansar Allah succeeds in the region, the Saudi coalition will lose one of its main lines of defense on the Sanaa-Marib road.

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