Indonesia Bans Zionist Entry!

Thursday 24 May 2018 - 16:03

The Indonesian government banned the issuance of visas for Zionists and banned them from entering the country following the killing of the people of the Gaza Strip on the “Nakba Day”.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Indonesian government has made this decision last week and has given Zionist citizens 48 hours to leave the country.


The Indonesian government does not have direct diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime, but Zionists can travel to the country with temporary tourist visas.

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  1. Pandu123 says:

    Yeah, our government Indonesia foolishly give visa to Israhellis back in 1 may ago because Israhell always lobbying our government. Glad it didn’t last long.

    Since Israhell created, Indonesia never allow Israhell to use our sea or airspace to pass and don’t have any direct relationship with Israhell.

    1. Putin says:

      And do you really believe we care about it? We have always known Indonesia was the enemy, so don’t think we are sad about it