A Great Operation of the Syrian Army in Southern Syria

Saturday, 26 May 2018 - 08:24

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Syrian Army “SAA” drops Leaflets on occupied regions of Daraa by militias, demanded that they give up their weapons.

In the past days, Syrian Helicopters Droped Leaflets on Daraa, asking locals to drove the militias out of their regions and join the compromise agreements.


Along with this matter, the SAA is transporting its forces, artillery, armored equipments to south of Syria.


Also there are pictures of the famous general’s presence, namely Soheil Hassan, in south of Syria, by different media sources.


It is estimated that if the militias don’t accept the compromise agreement, the great military operation of SAA for liberation of “Daraa” province, “Lajat” region and parts of “Suwaydah” province which are occupied by the militias, will be started.


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