Rocket attack on US coalition forces at the Omar oil field

Monday, 28 June 2021 - 22:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: The positions of US coalition in the Omar oil field in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province were targeted with at least eight rockets.

According to preliminary information, eight rockets were used in this attack. Col. Wayne Marotto, the OIR spokesman said the attack did not cause any casualties and US forces in response to these attacks, conducted counter-battery artillery fire at rocket launching positions.

The US military base at the oil field is being used as a site for joint military exercises between the US coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
Last February, US forces moved new troops and equipment to build a 1,400-meter runway at the mentioned area in the Omar oil field.

Update: According to the OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto, the US forces in Syria were attacked by multiple rockets, approx. 34 x 122mm rounds of indirect fire. There were no casualties or injuries to US forces, according to the OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto.

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