Rising border tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia; An Azerbaijani soldier killed

Friday 23 July 2021 - 20:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: One Azerbaijani was killed and several Armenians were wounded in a series of clashes on the border between Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar and Armenia’s Gegharkunik region.

The Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense has accused the Armenian side of starting a conflict on the evening of Friday, July 23, in the village of Bazaar Kichar in Kalbajar. According to Azerbaijani sources, an Azerbaijani soldier was shot dead by an Armenian sniper at 4 pm local time and the Azerbaijani army responded to the fire.
Confirming the conflict, the Armenian Defense Ministry said the Armenia was not the initiator of the incident and that three Armenian soldiers were wounded by Azerbaijani artillery.

Rayon (district) Kalbajar is located in the neighborhood of Gegharkunik province of Armenia and was evacuated by Armenia during the Second Karabakh War and after the implementing of the ceasefire agreement. Determining the border in this mountainous and highlands is one of the challenges between the two countries. Armenia claims that Azerbaijan has crossed the border lines of the Gegharkunik region at two points and occupied part of the heights in this region.
After the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the war between the two countries, the border between the two countries has not been demarcated and there are no border posts. The recent tensions are taking place while clashes are reported in other parts of the country.

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