Latest updates on northern Iraq, 12 August 2021

Friday, 13 August 2021 - 16:56

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish artillery and fighter jets continue to pound the hideouts of PKK militants in northern Iraq and clashes continued in mountainous areas.

Several Turkish troops were wounded in clashes with PKK militants in the Khantur area on Tuesday (August 10th). PKK militants also targeted a Turkish military base with mortars. Turkish fighter jets bombed the Siane area in the Gare Mountains, setting the area on fire. Turkish military aircraft also flew over Matina to conduct reconnaissance operations.
Turkish troops tried to destroy several PKK tunnels in the Avashin area, but withdrew after clashes with the PKK.

On Wednesday (August 11th), Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) forces clashed with Turkish troops on a hill in the Matina region. No casualties were reported.

On Wednesday (August 11th), Turkish military aircraft targeted areas in the Gare, Avashin and Kani Masi mountains at least six times.

Last night (August 13th), a Turkish soldier was killed in a rocket attack on a Turkish military base in the Zelkan area, north of Mosul.

Nasr al-Shammari, a spokesman for the Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, warned the Turkish government about the aggression against Iraq and said that the Islamic Resistance does not differentiate between the Turkish and American occupiers in maintaining Iraq’s territorial integrity and confronting the aggressors. The Iraqi resistance was supposed to be behind the recent attack on a Turkish base, but the Turkish government said the attack was carried out by PKK operatives which resulted in the death of a Turkish soldier.

This morning (August 13th), the Turkish army bombed areas in the Iraqi province of Dohuk, and according to preliminary information, a civilian was killed.

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