Details of Emirati ship explosion in Dubai + evidence

Thursday, 12 August 2021 - 18:41

ISWNews Analysis Group: Dubai Police confidential documents show that in the incident of explosion of one container in an Emirati ship in Jebel Ali harbor, south of Dubai, three Israeli died and two others wounded.

At the ending hours of 7 July a container in an Emirati ship in Jebel Ali harbor exploded. Emirati media claimed the cause was explosion of a container in the ship and no casualty was reported.

Dubai Police claimed that the incident is a terrorist attack due to which Ocean Trader is damaged and evidences show it was planned.

It happened at the time that a group of six Zionist engineers were in Jebel Ali harbor and according to Dubai Police confidential documents three of them killed and two heavily wounded. Also 16 workers wounded who were brought to Royal hospital.
After the explosion, Emirati officials ordered the security forces to prevent the reporters from taking photos or reporting the news.
It is said the explosion happened due to explosion of a bomb in a containers and it was heard up to 50 km away.
Three foreigners are arrested. Dubai Police claimed the target of the explosion was Zionist engineers.

Following normalizing the relation with Zionist regime, UAE is hosting many Israeli tourists, officials and troops. After many rounds of talks between Emirati and Israeli officials, the security ties between sides have increased. Less than two months ago, MOSAD cyberic units transfered to UAE.

Maybe the explosion in Jebel Ali harbor is a warning to Emirati officials to not host anymore Zionist terrorist teams and not to endanger security for the region anymore.

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