Ansar Allah attacks UAE with missiles and drones!

Monday 31 January 2022 - 12:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: Late on January 30, Ansar Allah drone and missile force attacked Abu Dhabi and Dubai with several missiles and drones.

Following the attack, a wave of insecurity erupted over the Dubai Expo ceremonies and the Israeli president’s plans to visit the UAE. The Abu Dhabi market index also fell more than 1 percent and the Dubai market index fell more than 1.2 percent.

The UAE Ministry of Defense announced the downing of an Ansar Allah missile in the skies of Abu Dhabi.

According to the UAE Ministry of Defense, the Ansar Allah missile was intercepted and destroyed in the UAE sky at 00:20 local time, and its launch pad was bombed at 00:50.

It should be noted that Ansar Allah has carried out two drone and missile operations against the UAE since January 17 under the name of “Operation Hurricane Yemen”. The Yemeni Armed Forces call these attacks a legal and legitimate response to the UAE’s continued hostility and attack on the Yemeni people.

Alleged Ansar Alah ballistic missile platform destroyed in Yemen’s Al-Jawf province by the coalition strike – source UAE MOD

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