Will Iran’s help put an end to Lebanon’s fuel crisis?

Author: M.Pakdel
Monday 23 August 2021 - 18:18

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s remarks about Iranian oil tankers coming to Lebanon to end the country’s fuel crisis have provoked widespread reactions inside and outside Lebanon, to the extent that the Americans and Western companies, which have so far been passive in resolving the Lebanese fuel crisis; Suddenly, they talked about supplying fuel to Lebanon and solving the country’s fuel problem!

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, General Secretary of Hezbollah on the day of Ashura said: “We tell Americans and Israelis that the oil tankers which leave Iran are part of Lebanon’s soil.”

Sayyed Hassan’s remarks have been always important for the enemy of the Resistance Axis. These remakes made different movements in Lebanon to find a solution for the fuel crisis. Since if the crisis again is solved with Iran’s help then the West and Westernized movement in the Lebanon are highly defeated and anti-Iran projects will fail since Lebanese will see Iran’s solidarity.

It was based on the same reason that US ambassador claimed just after Sayyed Hassan’s speech that Lebanon doesn’t need Iran’s fuel and many tankers are ready to deliver fuel to Lebanon!

Two oil companies Total and Coral hastily said that they are waiting for their fuel cargos and the gasoline crisis will be solved soon!

Saad Hariri also said that Nasrallah’s announcement that Iran’s fuel is coming to Lebanon will put Lebanon into domestic and international conflicts. These reactions show the Western pressure to cancel or delay Iran’s fuel shipment to arrive!

The question is that Lebanon’s fuel crisis did not happen in a few days or weeks but why just after Nasrallah’s speech the West remembers to solve the fuel crisis?

In addition, some people in Iran brought up the doubt that Iran sent the fuel for free to Lebanon! It is a lie and Nasrallah stated that Lebanese Shia traders bought the fuel.

Many Lebanese and even anti Resistance movements thanked Hezbollah for buying the fuel. Lebanese social media activist also trended #سفينهالوعدالصادق and #شکرا_ایران to thank Hezbollah and Iran.

Zionists considered Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s remarks that the tankers are part of Lebanon’s soil once they depart, as a deterrent stance for Israel that shows Hezbollah’s power.

Islamic Republic of Iran shows once more that it helps the people and governments of the region unlike Western states that are after destabilizing and endangering the region.

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