Yemen: Ansar Allah attacks the important Mocha port + images

Sunday, 12 September 2021 - 07:54

ISWNews Analysis Group: On September 11, the Saudi-led coalition warehouses in the port of Mocha located in the west of Taiz province, have been targeted by Ansar Allah missiles and drones.

The port of Mocha is said to have hosted ships carrying military cargo, medical supplies and food from the UAE in recent days, and Ansar Allah has conducted the attack to counter the coalition’s all-out and oppressive sanctions.

The port of Mocha was occupied by Emirati forces during the Saudi coalition operation on the west coast of Yemen in January 2017, and control of it was handed over to Tariq Saleh’s forces after the Emirati forces withdrew from the west coast of Yemen.

According to the Sweden agreement, this port should be controlled by joint forces and supervised by UN forces, which has not been implemented so far. The UAE, meanwhile, has turned the Mocha area into a haven for military weapons, chemicals and more.

While the people in the AnsarAllah-controlled areas are under complete siege and even the fuel tankers being seized by the Saudi coalition, the arrival of UAE aid to Tariq Saleh forces is meaningless. Therefore, it seems this action of Ansar Allah is the right step to counter the siege imposed by the Saudi coalition.

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