New round of IRGC attacks against PJAK terrorists in Iraq

Tuesday 14 September 2021 - 10:30

ISWNews Analysis Group: IRGC drone and artillery attacks against the positions of terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan resumed since yesterday.

According to local sources, IRGC artillery attacks on positions of PJAK terrorists in the Sidakan area of ​​Iraqi Kurdistan has began since yesterday, and suicide drones were also used to target the hideouts of PJAK militants.

This morning, the positions of the PJAK terrorists in the Barbazin heights were targeted by the IRGC. Although the terrorists have stated that they did not suffer any casualties in these attacks, but air surveillance, along with precision attacks using suicide drones has minimized the error rate in these attacks.

Earlier, Brigadier-General Pakpour, commander of the IRGC’s ground forces, warned the government and residents of the Kurdish region of the possibility of attacking terrorist positions in Iraqi Kurdistan and asked civilians to maintain distance from terrorist groups points in the area. A few days after the warning, on the morning of September 9, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps repeatedly targeted the positions of PJAK terrorists and other terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

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