SAA artillery attacks on Ariha; Civilian casualties reported

Thursday 21 October 2021 - 13:36

ISWNews Analysis Group: A number of civilians were lost their lives and several other were wounded as a result of Syrian Army artillery attacks on a bazaar in the town of Ariha in Idlib province.

On October 20, the Syrian army artillery targeted a market in the town of Ariha, south of Idlib, killing at least 10 civilians and wounding 40 others. Among the names of the martyrs are several children and a teacher. They were crossing the bazaar on their way to school when they were killed in artillery fire.

The names of the martyrs are as follows:
1- Qamar Bilal Hafez
2- Zakaria Ahmad Bazi
3- Yousef Mohammad Jamal Al-Hassan
4- Mahmoud Yaser Sareh
5- Salam al-‘Ahi from the city of Ma’ra al-Nu’man
6- Hassoun Ehsan Al-Khadijeh from the city of Ma’ra al-Nu’man
7- Ibrahim Abdul Wahab Al-Amin – Child
8- Omar Abdul Al-Aboud – Child
9- Rimas Youssef Al-Hassan – Child
10 – Ghassan Sheikh Ibrahim

Following the attack, National Front for Liberation militants fired rockets at Syrian army positions east of Idlib.

Towns and areas near the Syrian army and the militants contact lines are under daily artillery fire and exchange of fire. However, even though due to the bad history of militants, the inhumane acts are not far from them, but, the Syrian army’s attack on the civilian market in the town of Ariha is not acceptable has no plausible justification and must be investigated.

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  1. Baldur Dasche says:

    Ariha was struck after a triple bomb attacked during rush hour traffic in Damascus on Tuesday. This was not a gratuitous or ill-considered attack.