Yemen: Ansar Allah Liberates Al-Jubah District Center (Map Update)

Tuesday 26 October 21 - 13:25

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and popular committees liberated the town of al-Judaydah, the al-Jubah district center in the southern province of Marib from the occupation of Saudi-led forces.

During the clashes in the past few days, Ansar Allah had succeeded in liberating the suburbs of Al-Jadeeda and cutting off the road leading to the management of Jabal Murad. This situation led to the siege of al-Judaydah, and this morning, full control of the town fell to Ansar Allah forces.

The operation for the liberation of al-Judaydah town started on September 22, and Ansar Allah managed to enter the al-Jubah district on September 24.

Al-Judaydah is the closest town to the city of Marib from the south, and is the only supply route for the Saudi-led forces to the Jabal Murad district in the south of Marib province. With the liberation of al-Judaydah, the path of Ansar Allah to reach the other fronts in the south of Marib will be easier.

Interactive map of Marib

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