Opinion: Al-Tanf Base; Joint Headquarters of Terrorists!

Author: M.Pakdel
Thursday, 28 October 2021 - 16:29

At around 23:34 local time on the evening of October 13th, Israeli warplanes used the airspace of the US-occupied Al-Tanf area to launch an attack on the Tadmur area and a telecommunication tower, during which a Syrian soldier was killed and three others were wounded. Following the attack, the Syrian Allied Operation Room issued a statement saying that it would retaliate the attack and will avenge the blood of the martyrs and the wounded.

A few days later, on the evening of October 20th, the positions of the US military and its militants at Al-Tanf base were targeted by suicide drones. Shortly afterwards, images leaked from the base showed that at least three points at the base had been targeted and destroyed by drones. The scale of the damages to the base forced the CENTCOM to react, and they issued a statement blaming Iran for the attack, saying that five suicide drones were used in the attack and that no American forces were killed neither injured.
The US-backed Maghawir al-Thawra militants also carried out a ridiculous propaganda by transferring a number of civilians to the targeted areas and publishing pictures of crying children, which not only did not deceive anyone, but also made fun of the group’s official Twitter account.

And where is the Al-Tanf base?

Al-Tanf base is located in the border triangle of Syria, Iraq and Jordan. The location of the base on the border between Iraq, Syria and Jordan and the Al-Waleed border crossing on Iraq and on the Baghdad-Damascus road has made Al-Tanf base one of the most important and strategic US bases in the West of Asia.

The base plays a key role in training, providing weapons and intelligence support to Syrian opposition militants, and seeks to destabilize the Iraqi-Syrian border and influence the Iran-Mediterranean communication route by moving and providing widespread support to ISIS operatives. Documents and reports from the Iraqi-Syrian border guards show that US forces stationed at the base are playing an important role in transporting ISIS terrorists from Kurdish militant prisons to various parts of Iraq and Syria.

Al-Tanf region in the border triangle of Syria, Iraq and Jordan

The Al-Tanf area has been occupied by US forces for years, and contrary to what US say, due to their presence in the area, it has become an insecure place for the Syrian and Iraqi governments and a place for sedition and attack on Syria and Iraq sovereignty; An area where Syrian Army forces and Iraqi resistance groups are not allowed to approach within a 55-kilometer radius. By occupying this region, the United States believes that it has blocked Iran’s direct land access from Tehran-Baghdad-Rutba to Damascus; But is that really the case? The answer is clear: Absolutely not!

In addition to these issues, the use of airspace of the Al-Tanf region by Israeli regime warplanes in recent attacks and attacks on Syria in recent years prompted the Syrian Allied Operation Room to decide to retaliate against these attacks.
In the past, we have seen attacks in Syria against the positions of the American occupiers, but the drone strike on Al-Tanf is the first of its kind and can be considered as a turning point and the beginning of such attacks. Eye for an eye! Attack against attack. In a way that Israel and the United States understand that for every aggression and attack, there will be a painful and reciprocal attack and response. This will be the key to entering the field of deterrence against the United States and Israel in Syria.

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  1. Skeptical says:

    Good article Pakdel, but good to point out that the only terrorists in Syria aren’t the Americans, Turkey has the same role there, hope Iran finds a way to kick the Turkish terrorist forces out of Syria, they need to be taught a tough lesson.