Rocket attack on US base in northeastern Syria

Tuesday, 23 November 2021 - 12:09

ISWNews Analysis Group: A US military base in the village of Kharab al-Jair, five kilometers from the Yarubiya-Rabiya border crossing was hit with four rockets.

At 2 a.m. today, four rockets hit a US military base in the village of Kharab al-Jir, five kilometers from the the Yarubiya-Rabiya border crossing in the eastern Syrian province of Hasakah.

Local sources confirmed the rocket attack on the outskirts of the base, saying that after the rockets hit, American aircraft flew over the region.

“Kharab Al-Jair” base is one of the illegal bases of the US occupiers in Syria, which was established in 2015 after the confiscation of agricultural lands of the villagers in this area, and includes a landing strip for helicopters and warplanes. The base plays an important role in supporting US forces stealing oil and other raw materials from Syria to Iraq.

Interactive map of Kharab al-Jir base

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