A Newly Established Iraqi Group Claimed Responsibility For The Drone Attack On The US Base In Syria!

Sunday 26 March 2023 - 14:44

ISWNews Analysis Group – The newly established Iraqi group “Liwa Al-Ghalibun” published a statement regarding the drone attack on the US military base in the Syrian province of Hasakah. According to the US, an American contractor was killed in this attack.

In a statement on March 25, the Liwa Al-Ghalibun Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for the drone attack on the US military base in the Kharab al-Jir, located five kilometers from the Al-Yarubiyah border crossing in Hasakah province in eastern Syria.

In part of the statement of this group, it is stated: “At 13:00 on the first day of Ramadan (March 23), the drone unit of the “Liwa Al-Ghalibun Islamic Resistance” attacked the location of the US soldiers at the Rmelan airport in Syria, which according to the US, a US soldier was killed and several others were wounded. Our operations are carried out in the framework of a natural and legitimate response to the crime of assassination of hero commanders (martyrs Soleimani and al-Muhandis) and their comrades, as well as confronting the barbaric crimes of the American occupying forces in our country and region.”

This Iraqi resistance group has emphasized that until the complete withdrawal of the American occupying forces from Iraq, Americans will not enjoy security either in Iraq or abroad.

Statement published by the Liwa Al-Ghalibun Islamic Resistance

This is the second drone attack by an Iraqi resistance group against the US military base in Syria in 2023. Earlier on January 20, the US base in Al-Tanf region in southern Syria was targeted by a drone attack by the Iraqi resistance group “Tashkil al-Warithin”.

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It is worth mentioning that on March 23, the US military base in Hasakah province was targeted by a drone attack. According to the statement published by CENTCOM, as a result of this attack, a US contractor was killed and five others were wounded. In response to this attack, the US aircraft attacked targets in Deir Ezzor province, during which six members of the Syrian army were martyred. One day after this attack, the resistance groups targeted three bases belonging to the US coalition in eastern Syria with rocket and drone attacks.

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