Video: In a rare move, Ansar Allah helicopter enters the battles of Marib!

Wednesday 8 December 21 - 16:23

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah has succeeded in repairing a military helicopter and sending it to the battles in the south of Marib.

According to our field source, this helicopter belongs to Air Force of the former Yemeni regime, which was repaired and re-launched with the efforts of Yemeni engineers and the IRGC advisors in Yemen.

It should be noted that this video was captured by the Saudi-forces forces on the southern fronts of the city of Marib. The cameraman mistakenly identifies the helicopter as belonging to the Saudi army and encourages him to bomb Ansar Allah positions!

According to the available statistics of the Yemeni Air Force armaments, this helicopter can be of the type of Mil-24, Mil-17, Mil-8 or Mil-35M.

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