Iraq: 11 Iraqi soldiers martyred by ISIS attack

Friday, 21 January 2022 - 14:49

ISWNews Analysis Group: 11 Iraqi soldiers were killed when ISIS terrorists attacked an Iraqi Army base in Diyala province.

At dawn Friday, ISIS terrorists attacked one of the Iraqi army’s 1st Division headquarters between the villages of Al-Tala’a, Wam and Al-Karami, west of the Al-Adhim area in Diyala province. 10 soldiers and an army officer (1st lieutenant) were martyred.

The terrorist attack took place with the use of semi-heavy weapons and sniper rifles.

The names of the martyrs are as follows:
1- Lieutenant Zargham Loi Mohammad
2- Abdullah Daud Salman
3- Razzaq Wahib Muhammad
4- Mustafa Abbas Hassan
5- Ahmad Shasi Atieh
6- Haidar Jassan Talak
7- Raed Khamis Ghazban
8- Salam Kazem Faleh
9- Mohammad Ali Mokhtar
10- Haidar Ali Nouri
11- Salem Kazem Mahawi

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