Ansar Allah missile attack on UAE + Video

Monday, 24 January 2022 - 07:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: The UAE Ministry of Defense announced the downing of two Ansar Allah missiles in the country’s skies.

At dawn today, January 24, local sources in the UAE reported the sound of several explosions in the sky of the country. According to the UAE Ministry of Defense, the explosions occurred as a result of the country’s air defense intercepting and destroying two missiles. No casualties were reported so far.

The Yemeni Armed Forces will issue a statement regarding the operation in the coming hours.

Ansar Allah attack on the UAE was in response to heavy bombardment by Saudi coalition warplanes on the cities of Saada, Al-Hudaydah and Imran. It should be noted that the recent attacks by the Saudi coalition on civilian and residential places in Yemen have left more than 100 people dead and 300 wounded.

Last week, in response to the UAE’s continued hostility against the Yemeni people, Ansar Allah targeted Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai and the al-Musaffah Industrial Zone in Abu Dhabi with several drones (and missiles).

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The moment of firing and intercepting incoming missiles by the UAE air defenses
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