Russian and Syrian warplanes fly near the occupied Golan Heights + Video

Wednesday 26 January 2022 - 08:02

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the joint air patrol of Russian and Syrian warplanes in the border area near the occupied Golan Heights.

On Monday (January 24), Russian and Syrian warplanes patrolled the airspace of the Syrian border and near the occupied Golan. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that Moscow and Damascus intend to conduct joint air patrols on a regular basis.

In this regard, the Zionist newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth wrote: The joint patrol of Russian and Syrian warplanes near the Golan Heights will reduce the Israeli air force attacks on Syria.Security-level meetings are underway between Israeli and Russian military officials to calm the situation.

Zionist Channel 11 also described the joint patrol of Russian and Syrian warplanes as “worrying cooperation.”

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  1. death to zionists says:

    the port of haifa has to be wiped out