“The United States is transferring ISIS militants to Ukraine!” Russia said

Monday, 7 March 2022 - 21:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has claimed transfer of foreign militants to Ukraine by U.S. and NATO.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service confirmed in a statement that the Al-Tanf base in eastern Syria was a training ground for ISIS-linked terrorists and their transfer to Ukraine to fight Russia.

Russia’s foreign intelligence service said in a statement: “The United States has transferred dozens of Russian, Chechen and other ISIL terrorists to the US-British-controlled Al-Tanf base in eastern Syria by the end of 2021. Then, they were sent to the eastern regions of Ukraine, including the Donbas region, after undergoing special training on sabotage and terrorist acts. The CIA and the US Special Operations Command are building new ISIS units in West Asia and Africa. They are transferring these weapons to Ukraine via Poland in cooperation with NATO intelligence agencies.”

The alleged transfer of foreign troops from Syria to Ukraine comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently confirmed that 16,000 foreign mercenaries will arrive in Ukraine. He had previously ordered the release of prisoners with military backgrounds intending to join the Ukrainian army on February 28.

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In addition, officials in the Republic of Donetsk also released pictures and documents claiming the presence of Turkish advisers in support of Ukrainian Army drone units.

These actions show the weakness of the Ukrainian army manpower in the battles against the Russian army. The transfer of terrorists and thugs to the battlefields also creates more chaos and will lead to prolongation of war in Ukraine.

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