Two IRGC members killed in Syria, Iran vows to retaliate

Tuesday 8 March 2022 - 21:57

ISWNews Analysis Group: Two IRGC members were killed in Israeli airstrike which took place on March 7th on the outskirts of Damascus.

At 5 a.m. local time on Monday, Zionist warplanes targeted an area on the outskirts of Damascus, killing two people. It was later revealed that the two were Iranians and were members of the IRGC named “Ehsan Karbalaeipour” and “Morteza Saeednejad”.

Confirming the news, the public relations of the IRGC emphasized: “Undoubtedly, the Zionist regime will pay for this crime.”

It is worth mentioning that the last attack of the Zionist regime on the location of the Iranian forces dates back to three years ago and the attack on the T4 military airport located in Homs province. In this attack, which took place on the morning of April 2018, Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles from the skies of Lebanon at T4 airport, during which seven members of the IRGC were killed.

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  1. Muhammad Kashif Reza says:

    RIP for the martyred soldiers and may Allah swt elevate their status closest to the 14 infallible divine guides.