The Syrian Army advances in Southern Syria Before the Official Announcement of the Great Operation; 23 June 2018

Sunday 24 June 2018 - 19:26

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Syrian Army has succeeded to liberate some areas in Lajah region from militants before the official announcement of the Great Operation of Southern Syria.

In the past days, with the establishment of more heavy artilleries  systems in southern Syria, bombardments of militia’s position in Daraa province, specifically in Bosr al Harir, Harrak, Malihat al Atash regions have increased, and today the Syrian army managed to liberate and clean some villages in northwest suburbs of Suwayda and northeast of Daraa from the hands of militias.

Of course, these advances was made in regions that militias didn’t have serious presence in them, and in fact contact-lines of regions were cleared for future operation.


The military movements of SAA in southern Syria happening while the official announcement have not been released about initiation of Great Operation of Southern Syria, and it is expected that this announcement comes out in coming days.


Its highly possible that the first target of SAA in southern Syria, will be Lajah Region.


The main key to clearing Lajah, is the liberation of Bosr al Harir, Harrak, Malihat al Atash, which if it happens, many regions in north of Lajah will be sieged by SAA.


With liberation of Lajah region in northeast Daraa, many villages will be cleaned of militias presence and the road for the coming operation in southern Syria, will be more paved.


The news about that SAA’s taking control of Bosr al Harir, Harrak, Malihat al Atash is not correct for now.


in 2015, an operation was initiated in this region with pivotal role of Fatemiyon Brigade, which in the end they failed and many people were martyred from Fatemiyon Brigade and Iranians . the current operation of SAA in this region, somehow, reminds us of those hard days in 2015, and commemorates their memory.


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