Imran Khan to Europe: Are we your slaves?

Tuesday 22 March 22 - 13:25

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following Imran Khan’s rejection of Europe’s request and Pakistan’s neutral stance on the Ukraine war, pro-Western political currents in Pakistan staged widespread protests against the government.

Ahead of the UN General Assembly emergency meeting on March 2, European countries sent threatening messages to representatives of various countries, including Pakistan, urging them to vote against Russia.
Following these pressures, Imran Khan addressed European countries: “Are we your slaves to do whatever you say? Did any of you cut off trade and relations with India when India violated the law of occupied Kashmir? We have friendly relations with the United States, Russia, China and Europe, we will not enter any bloc, because our position is based on neutrality and we will try to work with all countries to end the war.”

In the end, the resolution was passed with 141 votes in favor, 5 against and 35 abstentions. The resolution called for the creation of safe corridors for civilians outside Ukraine, the facilitation of humanitarian aid, and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

But taking neutral positions has not been cheap for countries such as Pakistan, and pro-Western political parties and movements in the country have staged large-scale demonstrations against Imran Khan’s government. Opposition groups called for Imran Khan’s government to be ousted from office, and for his resignation as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, such actions are carried out with the green light of the West in neutral and opposition countries. Over the years, they have used various tactics to put pressure on governments, including coups, the colored revolutions, and political and economic pressure.

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