Anbar is a new victim of Zionist intrigues

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Saturday 23 April 2022 - 09:02

While the political crisis still reigns in Iraq, more and more talk about the coming “normalization” is leaking into the media. The so-called “recognition of Zionism” has reached such a stage that Iraq is in danger of disappearing as a country.

The so-called “recognition of Zionism” has reached such a stage that Iraq is in danger of disappearing as a country. The fact is that the separatist tendencies emanating from the ruling “Sunni” tandem Halbousi-Khanjar are directly related to the process of “normalization”, moreover, the colonialists are ready to plunge the Palestinians themselves into this provocation.

It is no secret that the current speaker of the parliament is a supporter of the creation of “Sunni autonomy” throughout Western Iraq, the same can be said about his former “main opponent” (Khanjar). According to media leaks, since 2016 Anbar has been being prepared for the resettlement of Palestinian refugees.

The division of Anbar into two parts , the Iraqi and the Palestinian, will be the most important condition for Iraq’s accession to the “deal of the century”. It is obvious that the forces of evil are planning to settle Palestinians in the Anbar desert mainly from the West Bank, thus Zionism is trying to “solve” the problem of local resistance and the revival of the intifada forever. Now it is clear why the special services and politicians of Jordan regularly meet with the Mossad and pay a visit to the heads of the Zionist colony, the parties discuss the stages of the implementation of the operation to “resettle” the Palestinians.

The scariest thing in this story is that in Iraq itself there are influential forces supporting the project of creating a “new homeland” for Palestinians in Anbar. For example, the former speaker of parliament Mahmoud al-Mashhadani said that in the so-called “triple alliance”, “Sunnis”1 and Kurds have no problems with “normalization” of relations with “Israel”. The Sunni politician also said that in addition to the Palestinians, it is planned to send more than 500,000 Iraqi Jews to Iraq!!

Actually, the creation of a new concentration camp for the Palestinians is one of the goals of the Zionists who move around Iraq under the guise of American occupiers.

1- The main actor from the “Sunni side” is Halbousi. It is his name that the Iraqis associate with all the actions of the pro-Zionist direction.

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