Attacks on Turkish military base by a new Iraqi group: Ahrar Al-Iraq

Saturday 25 June 2022 - 08:44

ISWNews Analysis Group: The newly formed Ahrar al-Iraq group has claimed responsibility for several attacks on Turkish Bashiqa base in northern Iraq.

“Islamic Resistance Ahrar Al-Iraq Brigade” claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks on Turkish military base in the Zelkan area, north of Mosul, on 27 December 2021, 3 April 2022, 9 June 2022 and 18 June 2022.

The group’s statement said that the drone unit of the Ahrar al-Iraq targeted the Bashiqa military base in two separate operations on 10 April 2022 and 2 June 2022, as a result of which several Turkish soldiers were killed.

Ahrar Al-Iraq Brigade stated that our operation is part of a legitimate response to the terrorist acts of the Turkish occupiers that threaten the national security of Iraq and the security of the region, and that our operations will continue until the Turkish troops withdraw from Iraqi territory.

Recently, also a newly formed group called Ahrar Sinjar claimed responsibility for rocket and drone strikes on Turkish military positions in northern Iraq. The number of anti-occupier resistance groups in Iraq seems to be increasing and a new chapter of confrontation with the Turkish military in northern Iraq will begin.

Islamic Resistance Ahrar Al-Iraq Brigade statement
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