Iraq: Rocket Attack On Turkish Base In North of Mosul

Wednesday 1 February 2023 - 07:49

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Turkish Bashiqa military base in north of Mosul was attacked with several rockets fired by the Ahrar al-Iraq group.

Bashiqa military base in the Zelkan area, located in the north of Mosul city was targeted by 20 rockets on the first day of February. Minutes after the attack, the “Islamic Resistance Liwa Ahrar al-Iraq” took responsibility for the attack by publishing a statement.

The statement said: “At 07:36 on Wednesday (local time), the Turkish army base in northern Iraq was attacked with 20 Grad rockets. The operation will continue until the complete and immediate withdrawal of the Turkish occupiers.”

Ahrar al-Iraq statement

In this regard, the Kurdistan Region Counter-Terrorism Organization also announced that the Turkish military base in north of Mosul was hit by 8 rockets.

This attack is the first attack by Iraqi resistance groups on the Turkish base in Bashiqa in 2023. Last year, this base was targeted by rocket and drone attacks 23 times.

It is worth mentioning that last time, in December 4, 2022, the Bashiqa military base was targeted with eight rockets.

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