The Saudi-backed government’s determination to expel Islah Party militants from Shabwah

Tuesday 26 July 2022 - 08:48

ISWNews Analysis Group: “Awadh bin Al-Wazir al-Awlaqi”, the governor of Shabwah issued an order to arrest commanders affiliated with Islah party in Shabwah province.

Following the increase of conflicts between the Islah Party and the resigned government in Shabwah province, Awadh bin Al-Wazir al-Awlaki, the governor of Shabwah, ordered the arrest of Brigadier Generals “Abdrabbuh Lakab” and “Wajdi Baaum”, military commanders affiliated with the Islah Party in Shabwah province.

Lakab is the commander of the second brigade of special security forces in Shabwah province and has been prosecuted for conflict with the forces of the resigned government of Mansour Hadi. After the issuance of Laqab’s arrest warrant, the airport of the coastal city of Belhaf was attacked by rockets. Some says it was the Laqab forces who attacked the airport. He was also attacked on July 19, but survived the assassination attempt.

Currently, Al-Amaliqah forces have entered the city of Ataq to help the armed forces of Shabwah Governor and have engaged in some areas, including the Gulf Hotel, with the militants of the Islah Party, but so far they have not achieved anything, and the Islah Party is still present in their bases in this city.

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