The Saudi coalition dismisses the governor of Marib!

Wednesday 27 July 2022 - 07:59

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mohammed Al-Jaber, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, demanded the resignation of Sultan Al-Arada from the governorship of Marib.

According to a local report in Marib, the command of the Saudi coalition has started the process of removing Sultan Al-Arada, the governor of Marib and a member of the Presidential Leadership Council (of the resigned government of Hadi), and appointing a suitable successor for this position. According to this report, the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-Jaber, has informed Sultan Al-Arada that he should submit his resignation from the position of governor of Marib and be content with being a member of the Presidential Leadership Council. In response, al-Arada refused to resign. The coalition has also threatened to remove him from all positions if he does not comply.

It is said that the command of the Saudi coalition has considered “Diab bin Mu’ayli”, the head of the political office of the Tariq Saleh organization in Marib, to succeed Sultan Al-Arada.

After the resignation of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi from the presidency, the tension and political competition between the members of his successor council has increased. Islah Party, Southern Transitional Council, National Congress Party (pro-Tariq Saleh faction), Salafis, etc. are all part of this power struggle.

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