Latest updates on clashes between Islah Party and UAE-backed forces in Yemen

Friday 2 September 2022 - 10:02

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Southern Transitional Council (STC) with the support of the UAE is preparing to launch new operations against the Islah Party in the provinces of Al-Mahra and Hadhramout.

According to the latest news from the occupied areas of Yemen, the commanders of the Islah Party have sent new auxiliary forces to the Al-Abr region located in the west of Hadhramout province and have deployed their rocket launchers and artillery in the hills overlooking the desert of this region. Currently, no specific conflict has been reported in this axis, but the formation of the Islah party foces in Al-Abr raises the possibility of a serious conflict between this group and the UAE-backed forces.

On the other hand, the UAE, centered on the Southern Transitional Council, is creating a new military organization in Al-Mahrah province called “Al-Mahrah Elite and Al-Mahrah Defense” (دفاع المهرة والنخبة المهرية).
Khaled Saeed Taha, the military commander of the Southern Transitional Council in Al-Mahrah province, considered this action to strengthen the security and stability of the south And referring to the statement of the recent meeting of the sheikhs and elders of the Al-Mahrah tribes, on their behalf, demanded the expulsion of the pro-Islah armed groups from Al-Mahrah province.
Of course, the elders of the Al-Mahrah tribes in this meeting first emphasized the necessity of confronting foreign forces and then called for general mobilization against the Islah Pary, but the Southern Transitional Council, by changing these terms, demanded to stop the process of general mobilization and incite the people to take action against the Islah Pary and to control the oil areas in Al-Mahrah province.

In Abyan province, the Southern Transitional Council forces under the command of Mukhtar al-Nubi have entered the Lawdar district, and so far there has been no specific conflict between the tribes supporting Islah Party and the STC.

The situation in Shabwah province has not changed, and the Islah party media still claim to be preparing an attack to recapture the city of Ataq from Shabwah governor Awad bin Al-Wazir al-Awlaki.

Despite the reducing of the conflicts in the occupied areas of Yemen, the power of the Islah party is still declining and the power of the groups under the UAE is increasing. It seems the Islah Party, by not responding to the offer of alliance with Ansar Allah, in addition to guaranteeing its fall, increased the desire of the West and the Southern Transitional Council to implement the plan to divide Yemen.

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