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Thursday 4 April 2024 - 20:18

Yemen: Clashes Renewed In Dhale, Lahij

As a result of recent attacks by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants on the Ansar Allah movement’s positions in the Al-Fakhir and Al-Krash fronts, some STC militants were killed and wounded.

Wednesday 30 August 2023 - 20:23

Al-Qaeda Rocket Attack On STC Positions In Shabwah

Unidentified militants embarked on rocket attacks on a military base of the Shabwa Defense Forces in the town of Al-Musannah located in As-Said district of the Shabwah Governorate in Yemen.

Tuesday 25 July 2023 - 22:06

Al-Qaeda Assassinated 3 Of The STC Field Commanders

As a result of an IED attack on a vehicle carrying the field commanders of Southern Transitional Council in the Al-Baqira area, in the east of Mudiyah district, three STC commanders were killed: Saddam Al-Saadi, the commander of the 3rd brigade battalion, Aref Nasser Makani, the head of the Baqira Center in the Transitional Council, […]

Sunday 2 July 2023 - 17:26

Yemen’s Aden Sees Mounting Unrest (Video)

The Yemeni city of Aden has entered another period of insecurity and armed clashes between militant groups and some power-mongering commanders since Friday evening.

Saturday 24 June 2023 - 16:56

Al-Zoubaidi Says He Is Seeking To Revitalize STC Rule In South Yemen

Major General Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, head of the Southern Transitional Council, said at a press conference in London that he had rejected the offer to become president of Yemen because he was not seeking power but rather he is keen on the revival of the southern state (South Yemen).

Monday 12 June 2023 - 20:53

Al-Islah Party, Southern Transitional Council Clash In Yemen’s Al-Mosina’a

ISWNews Analysis Group – An attack by the militants of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, frequently called al-Islah Party, on the Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces’ checkpoint in the Al-Mosina’a town in Shabwa Governorate has led to the death of at least three people from both sides and the injury of five others.