Al-Qaeda Rocket Attack On STC Positions In Shabwah

Wednesday 30 August 2023 - 20:23

Unidentified militants embarked on rocket attacks on a military base of the Shabwa Defense Forces in the town of Al-Musannah located in As-Said district of the Shabwah Governorate in Yemen.

There has not been released any information about the casualties and damages of the rocket attack so far.

A few days ago, the positions of the Shabwa Defense Forces loyal to the Southern Transitional Council (STC) near the city of Ataq, located in the center of Shabwa Governorate, were hit by several mortar shells by unknown armed people.  

Given the presence of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group in Shabwah Governorate and the increase in its activities in recent months, it is likely that these attacks were carried out by Al-Qaeda elements.

Therefore, Al-Qaeda has diversified its attacks on positions of the militants loyal to the Southern Transitional Council and it also targeted its enemies with light rockets.

They resort to tactics such as creating insecurity and inflicting casualties as the most effective way to push back the STC from Shabwah Governorate.

As-Said district – click to view full size
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