The US Drones Get Involved In Conflict Between Al-Qaeda, Southern Transitional Council In Shabwah Governorate 

Thursday 15 June 2023 - 17:35

ISWNews Analysis Group – The terrorist United States headquarters in West Asia (CENTCOM) attacked the positions of Al-Qaeda terrorists in the Wadi Madhab district in the Al-Mosaina’a town of Shabwah Governorate by the use of drones.

Following the increase of activities of Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Al-Islah Party) militants in Shabwah Governorate, as well as the recent attacks by Al-Qaeda terrorists on the Al-Mosina’a district, the US drones attacked the positions of Al-Qaeda terrorists in the Wadi Madhab area early morning on June 15.

In addition to targeting Al-Qaeda group’s position, the US drone attack is considered their first step in supporting the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Southern Transitional Council (STC). 

Al-Qaeda terrorists carried out at least five strikes on the positions of the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Southern Transitional Council militants in the Al-Mosina’a town over the past three days, leading to the deaths of several Shabwa Defense Forces personnel, including their commander in Al-Mosina’a Salim Hirsi Al-Tawsali.

According to images released by Al-Qaeda-affiliated media outlets, terrorists of the group used drones or quad-copters in their attacks on the positions of Shabwa Defense Forces, but the quality and aftermath of the strike has not been determined so far. 

The widespread assault by Al-Qaeda on the Al-Mosina’a town is another development in their ongoing conflicts with the Southern Transitional Council forces in Shabwa, Abyan, and other governorates.

The killing of Abdullah Al-Bani, who was a prominent member and supporter of the Al-Islah Party, prompted the group to take revenge of the Shabwa Defense Forces and start attacking Al-Mosina’a town.

However, the United States’ support for the Southern Transitional Council has made the situation more complicated, which would strengthen the position of the Southerner Transitional Council militants in Shabwa Governorate.

The issue will also affect the potential attacks by Al-Islah Party militants, who enjoy the support of Saudi Arabia from the northern axis of the city of Ataq in the center of Shabwa Governorate.

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