Yemen’s Aden Sees Mounting Unrest (Video)

Sunday 2 July 2023 - 17:26

The Yemeni city of Aden has entered another period of insecurity and armed clashes between militant groups and some power-mongering commanders since Friday evening.

On July 30, after a woman complained to the police station in Al-Ma’ala district over being harassed by son of one of Aden’s security commanders, the Al-Hizam Amni security forces backed by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) went to this person’s house.

This move led to violence and clashes between the two sides, and one of the Al-Hizam Amni security forces was wounded by a bullet from the security commander, who later succumbed to injury after being transferred to the hospital.

Following the fatal incident, the Al-Hizam security forces went to the residence of the security commander to arrest and punish him, but this time the security commander was killed by the Al-Hizam Amni forces.

This incident has led to continued chaos in the city of Aden, and up to now an arms depot belonging to the Al-Hizam security forces has been exploded in the Al-Sha’ab neighborhood and a restaurant in the Crater district of the Aden Governorate has caught fire.

The city of Aden has witnessed violent clashes since Friday evening, which indicates that security chaos in occupied areas of Yemen has its roots in economic pressures and the inability of Yemen’s resigned government to resolve political and security woes.

Explosion of the weapons and ammunition warehouse of Hizam al-Amni forces in Sha’ab area
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