Yemen: Murad Tribe Trapped Into Aden Conflict

Monday 20 February 2023 - 14:40

ISWNews Analysis Group – The killing of a son of one of the sheikhs of the Murad tribe in the Yemeni governorate of Aden, as well as the acts committed by the Abyan-based tribes in the Mudiyah district led to the increase of the pressure on the militants of the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The Abyan-based tribes resumed their progress in the Mudiyah village as part of their clashes with the Southern Transitional Council. Following the raids, which began on Wednesday (February 15), the STC militants were forced to retreat from a checkpoint in Wadi Omran in Abyan’s Mudiyah village. The explosions of two roadside bombs on the way of a convoy of the Southern Transitional Council militants in Al-Baqira region left at least a military vehicle demolished and four militants killed and injured.

Guerrilla strikes on the STC also exacerbated in Lawdar town. In the last strike on February 18, a car carrying the STC militants was raided by unknown armed forces on the western road of Lawdar, which left some casualties among the STC militants.

The security state in the city of Aden has been exacerbated after the assassination of Badr Abdul Latif al-Qobli (the son of the Sheikh) by one of the STC militants at a checkpoint of the Hizam al-Amni militants (affiliated to the Southern Transitional Council) in KhorMaksar district. Badr Abdul Latif was Sheikh Abdul Latif al-Qubali’s son (one of the sheikhs of the Murad tribe and Brigadier General Abdul Hadi Al-Qabali’s brother who is one of the commanders of the Amaliqah Brigade, which is backed by the UAE and Tareq Saleh, Vice President of Yemen.

The followers of Sheikh Abdul Latif in the Murad tribe vowed to punish the assassins of Badr and take revenge on the Hizam al-Amni militants.

The surge in guerrilla raids and bombardments on the STC militants would end up in their retreat from several positions in the southern governorates of Yemen; however, there is still a major question on the groups who would replace them in those regions. At present, along with the Islah Party, al-Dara al-Watan and al-Qaeda terrorists, some tribes from Abyan and Hadhramaut governorates are fighting the STC militants, which would pose a threat to the existence of the Southern Transitional Council sometime.

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