Israel aggression on Syria’s Aleppo

Tuesday 6 September 2022 - 23:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: The fighter jets of the Zionist regime fired a number of missiles towards the Aleppo airport from the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a Syrian military source, “at around 20:16 Tuesday local time, the Israeli enemy attacked the Aleppo airport by firing several missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea in the west of Latakia. This attack resulted in damage to the runway and the suspension of flights at this airport until further notice.”

On September 1st, the Israeli fighter jets also attacked Aleppo Airport and Damascus provinces with several missiles which resulted in material losses.

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The images published by the Israeli satellite company ISI show that the Israeli airstrikes on Aleppo Airport, the runway was severely damaged and it is not possible for planes to land and take off at this airport. This issue has caused Aleppo airport flights to be transferred to Damascus airport until further notice.

The Israeli regime has targeted Aleppo Airport twice in less than a week. The Hebrew media stated that one of the goals of these attacks was to stop the flights of this airport in order to prevent Iranian planes from landing and disrupting the process of cargo transfer to Syria.

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