Israel released satellite images of the attack on Aleppo and Masyaf

Saturday 3 September 2022 - 17:39

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Israeli satellite company ISI published satellite images of the results of Israeli regime airstrikes on the Syrian military facilities in Masyaf on August 25th and Aleppo airport on August 31th.

According to the published images, in the Israeli airstrikes on Masyaf, several buildings and possibly some equipment were destroyed or damaged. This attack was carried out on August 25th at 19:15 local time. Masyaf scientific (or military) research center is one of the regular targets of the Zionist regime’s missile attacks and has been targeted many times in recent years.

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Six days later, in another missile attack, the Zionist regime targeted Aleppo International Airport. This attack was carried out on August 31th at 20:00 local time. According to field information, the aim of this attack was to prevent the landing of the Iranian Airbus A300B4 plane at Aleppo airport. The issue that caused the Mahan Air plane to change its route to Damascus and land at Damascus airport. The satellite images released from Aleppo airport confirm the speculations about damage to the runway of Aleppo airport. In the published images, the effects of the missile attack on the landing strip are evident; Also, the Israeli regime destroyed one of the radio navigation systems (VOR) in the airport perimeter to disrupt the incoming flights.

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The Israeli regime’s air strikes are being carried out purposefully in the shadow of the hidden war with Iran in West Asia, especially in Syria. Although compared to previous years, the success rate of interception and destruction of Israeli missiles by Syrian air defense systems has increased; However, this has not yet reached to a proper deterrence level and Israeli missiles are still causing significant material and human losses in Syria. Considering the ineffectiveness of Russian air defense systems in dealing with hostile missiles, it seems that the efforts of another strategic ally of Syria, i.e. Iran, should be more active and effective in this field. More professional training for the Syrian air defense forces, equipping and strengthening the Syrian air defense systems and conducting retaliatory attacks causing material and human losses on Israel are among the things that should be on the agenda more than in the past.

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