Israeli airstrikes on Aleppo and Damascus + Images

Thursday 1 September 2022 - 07:23

ISWNews Analysis Group: On Wednesday afternoon, Israeli warplanes fired a number of missiles at targets in Syria’s Aleppo and Damascus provinces.

According to a Syrian military source, “around 20:00 local time on Wednesday, August 31, the Israeli enemy targeted Aleppo International Airport by firing several missiles, which resulted in material damages.”

At the same time as this attack, an Airbus A300B4 passenger plane of Iran Mahan Air was on its way to Aleppo International Airport and it seems that it has changed its destination to Damascus Airport. This incident strengthens the speculations about the damage to the runway of Aleppo International Airport.

Minutes after the Israeli airstrikes on Aleppo Airport, Damascus International Airport was also targeted by the Israeli warplanes. In this regard, a Syrian military source stated “Around 21:18 local time on Wednesday, the Israeli enemy fired several missiles from the direction of Lake Tiberias, targeting areas in the southeast of Damascus city, which the Syrian air defense tried to counter and intercepted and destroyed several enemy missiles. There were no casualties in this incident.”

The exact details of the attack on Damascus have not been published, but it is said that the headquarters of the Syrian army’s first division in the “Al-Kiswah” area, in the southern suburbs of Damascus, was also one of the targets of the Israeli attacks.

According to a ISWNEWS field source, the Mahan Air Airbus A300B4 passenger plane finally landed at Damascus International Airport.

Considering the Damascus-Moscow flight (Cham Wings Airlines) and the possibility of Mahan Air’s Airbus A300B4 passenger plane landing at Damascus International Airport, the hypothesis of damage to the runways of this airport in the airstrikes is ruled out. Nevertheless, the release of satellite images in the coming days can help clarify this incident and confirm or deny the news published about the Israeli regime attacks.

It is worth mentioning that on August 25, Israeli warplanes also fired several missiles from the southwest of Tartus province from the Mediterranean Sea and attacked targets in the outskirts of Hama city and Tartus city, during which two civilians were injured.

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