Latest Updates on Yemen, 25 September 2022

Sunday 25 September 22 - 07:49

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saudi military along with the US and Israeli advisors ousted the Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces from the Socotra Airport and took control of it.

1- Hudaydah:
The Saudi-led coalition forces violated the ceasefire 166 times in the last 48 hours in this province.

2- Taiz:
On September 22, the UAE transport plane carrying military and communication equipment landed at Mocha Airport (under the control of Tariq Saleh’s forces).

3- Lahij:
As a result of a bomb explosion on the way of the vehicle carrying Ali Rashid, the commander of the second battalion in the 1st brigade of Amaliqa forces in Al-Fiyush area in Taban administration, three members of Amaliqa forces were injured.

4- Socotra:
– On September 22, a cargo ship belonging to Saudi Arabia unloaded a new cargo of weapons and various military equipment in the port of Socotra Island. These actions have been carried out in line with the efforts of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to militarize Socotra Island.
– According to local sources, the Saudi military together with the American and Israeli advisers removed the STC forces from the Socotra airport and took control of it.

5- Reaction of Mohammad Abdussalam, the spokesman of Ansar Allah and the person in charge of the negotiations of the government of salvation of Yemen, to the parade of the Yemeni army in Sana’a on the occasion of the anniversary of the September 21 revolution: “What we witnessed in the magnificent military parade in Sana’a is a part of what the enemy claimed to destroy at the beginning of the invasion eight years ago. Those who made a mistake in understanding our revolution at that time should not repeat their mistake again. This is our message and our advice to the coalition that is fighting against us.”

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