Ukrainian Army retook the town of Lyman

Sunday 2 October 2022 - 10:37

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Ukrainian army operation in the Donbas region, Russian Army forced to retreat from the Lyman area and the Lyman town came under the control of the Ukrainian army.

As we said in the previous articles and it was predictable, after the siege of Lyman, the Ukrainian forces forced the Russian army to retreat from this town, and finally Lyman came under the control of the Ukrainian army. Also, in the continuation of these advances, a number of settlements around Lyman also came under the control of the Ukrainian army.

The town of Lyman was considered as the main base of the Russian army in the north of Donetsk oblast, and with its fall, practically all the achievements of the last few months of Russia in this axis were lost.

Now, Ukrainian forces have once again reached the borders of Luhansk oblast, and operations are on the agenda of the Ukrainian army to advance further and even move towards Rubizhne and the city of Severodonetsk.

Online map here

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