Latest military situation in Donbas (Map Update)

Saturday 24 September 2022 - 19:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ukrainian forces have reached near the town of Lyman, and heavy battles continue to recapture this area from Russian control.

In the last week, the Ukrainian forces, crossing the Siversky Donets river, reached Lyman town from the north and south direction. In south of Lyman, the villages of Staryi Karavan and Brusivka have come under the control of Ukrainian forces. In north of Lyman, the regions of Lozove, Rubtsi, Korovii Iar, Oleksandrivka, and Yarova are under the control of Ukrainian forces.

Currently, heavy clashes continue in south of Lyman and in north in Drobysheve and Novoselivka between Russian and Ukrainian forces. Also, in recent days, Russian forces have repelled the attacks of Ukrainian forces in Karpivka and Ridkodub regions several times.

Due to the fact that the amount of conflicts is higher in the northern front of Lyman, it seems that the Ukrainian forces are trying to encircle the Russian forces from the north side and surround them in Lyman by breaking the defense lines in the mentioned areas.

Also, sporadic clashes continue in the Bilogorivka front. Based on the formation of forces in this area, Bilogorivka is almost not under the control of any of the parties.

Clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces in other fronts of Donbas continue sporadically, and no specific changes have been made in the field map. The Soledar and South Bakhmut fronts are among the active areas in the last week. The fronts of the city of Donetsk has also remained unchanged in the last week.

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