Latest Updates On Ukraine Frontlines, 1 February 2023

Wednesday 1 February 2023 - 19:23

Reviewing The Latest Military Developments In Donbas Front And Southern Ukraine

The most military confrontations in Ukraine are now concentrated in the front-line city of Bakhmut in eastern part of the war-stricken country. The Russian military forces are finalizing the siege of the Ukrainian city by keeping on advancements in the northern, eastern and southern fronts of Bakhmut.

The Russians continue military advancements in the northern Bakhmut battle field, following the seizure of other regions, including the town of Soledar, Sol, Krasnopolivka village, Pidhorodne and Blahodatne village along the Bakhmut-Siversk road, and the Russian military forces seized the village of Sakko i Vantsetti in the north of the road, and the confrontations in the southern areas extended into Krasna Hora and Paraskoviivka regions. The seizure of Krasna Hora and Paraskoviivka regions would be Russians last step to surround Bakhmut from the northern front.

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Military situation in the northern front of Bakhmut

In the eastern front of Bakhmut, the fighting continues and the Russian military forces succeeded in making some minor advances in this region. The confrontations continue in the eastern front of the Ukrainian city in vicinity of a meat factory as well as Zabakhmutivka neighborhood.

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Clashes in the eastern areas of the city around the meat factory and Zabakhmutivka neighborhood

On the southern front of the Bakhmut city, Russian forces could advance toward the north of Klishchiivka district, and the clashes reached in vicinity of Ivanivske at the western entrance of the besieged city of Bakhmut. Furthermore, as a result of the advancement in the mentioned region, the Russian army took the control of the heights overlooking the Kostyantynivka-Ivanivske-Bakhmut road. Hence, the Russian military forces have fire superiority over the Kostyantynivka-Ivanivske-Bakhmut road, and the Ukrainian army’s logistics route from the western areas to the city of Bakhmut has been blocked; so, the only remaining path is the road from Chasiv Yar town.

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The Russian army advances on the southern axis of Bakhmut and fire control on the western route of Bakhmut

In the Lyman battle field and the north of Luhansk Oblast, the military advancements by both sides have actually frozen in several battle axes of the front along the road of Kreminna in the south to Kupyansk in the north, and they have not succeeded in advancing in this front for some weeks and they continue the most clashes in the form of exchanging artillery fires. The focal point of the clashes in the front is the Svatove city on the Krasna river, and if the city is seized by the Ukrainian army, Russia’s defense lines on the eastern front would be wrecked. Thus, the Russian army makes all-out efforts to defend the frontlines of the battle axis strongly. The major conflict lines of the front are marked by arrows.

The military situation in the Lyman front and the north of Luhansk Oblast

In Donetsk’s battle field and its suburbs, the Russian military forces managed to seize the Vodyane district in the north of the city during their latest advancements in the battle axis. The Russian and Ukrainian armies continue sporadic clashes in vicinity of Avdiivka in the north of Donetsk, as well as Pervomaiske, Krasnohorivka and Mariinka districts in the west of the Ukrainian city.
In the Vuhledar battle field, the confrontations between the warring sides continue, but the Russian military forces have not succeeded in fully capturing the region so far.

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Military situation in Ugledar axis

In the Zaporizhzhia battle field, it seems that the last week’s massive Russian attacks on the Orikhiv and Golyapol axes came to an end, and the Ukrainian military forces have almost completely foiled all Russian strikes.

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Military situation in the Zaporizhzhia front

In the Kherson battle field, the contact lines of the warring sides have been maintained along the Dnipro River and the most of the confrontations are largely in the form of exchanging artillery fires. In the last outstanding military operation in this battle field, the Ukrainian forces struggled to move troops by the use of aircraft in south of the city of Kherson, in the Ostriv area in the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, but the operation was thwarted as a result of the Russian forces’ vigilance.

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