Israel’s Missile Attack to Nayrab Area in Aleppo Province

Tuesday 17 July 2018 - 02:26

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night Israeli warplanes attacked Resistance forces’ positions near Nayrab airport, which resulted in martyrdom of some of Syrian troops.

In previous months Israel had similar attacks in the same area which did not have casualties.

Although the exact entering point of Israeli warplanes to Syrian airspace is not clear but north of Iraq and then northeast of Syria which under US Coalition is under complete control of US Airforce is the most likely path to infiltrate inside Syrian airspace.


Israel’s attack to industrial area of Malekiyah in north of Aleppo airport


Israel’s attacks to north of Syria happening while Syrian Army and its allies in south of Syria had great achievements and military operation to liberate Daraa and Quneitra provinces completely from Israel supported terrorists are continuing.


Names of martyrs of this attack that have been declared so far:

– Jafar Mohieddin (Nubl)

– Youssef Ghazal (Nubl)

– Samer Hayek (Latakia)

– Firas Al Amouri (Aleppo)

– Samer Ibrahim (Aleppo)


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