Towns Fu`ah and Kafriya Evacuate Completely; Buses Enter Towns

Wednesday 18 July 2018 - 23:00

Islamic World News Analysis Group: According to the agreement, from today morning tens of buses enter to evacuate the inhabitants to Aleppo.

So far 121 buses have come and are supposed to transport about 6,800 inhabitants of Fu`ah and Kafriya in one step. Also the remainder of captives of village Ishtabraq will be freed.

On the other hand, some of captives of militia with Army, Hezbollah and People’s defenders of towns will be freed.


The new stage of evacuation of people of Fu`ah and Kafriya this time is faster than before and with more determination.

This is not irrelevant to new operation of the Syrian Army in south of Syria and possible operation in Idlib province.


After recent spectacle victories of the Army in south of Syria, military and surveillance activities of militia has increased around the towns and there were rumors and evidences of retaliation operation against inhabitants of the two towns.


On the other hand, future operation of the Syrian army in Idlib province and inhabitants under threat in the towns could be a pressure lever on Syrian Army and Moghawemat; therefore, complete evacuation of these towns had to happen immediately.


It is noteworthy that after evacuation of these towns, the control of them are under the hand of militia.


History will not forget the bravery and resistance of Fu`ah and Kafriya; people who resisted years beside the nest of terrorists, i.e. Idlib, but did not surrender; maybe Fu`ah and Kafriya today and for a short while is empty but the land of bravery will return to its original inhabitant once more.




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