US And Israel Launch Large-scale Military Exercise In West Asia

Wednesday 25 January 2023 - 14:28

ISWNews Analysis Group – The United States and the Israeli regime initiated their largest joint military drills of 2023 in the West Asia region on Monday.

The terrorist headquarters of the US in West Asia – United States Central Command (USCENTCOM or CENTCOM) – issued a statement to announce the beginning of the naval, land and air drills of the American and Israeli military forces in the occupied territories of Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean codenamed “Juniper Oak” aimed at increasing the readiness of the military forces of both sides as well as enhancing regional stability and security.

The drills are scheduled to continue until January 27. The joint military exercise is being held with the participation of 6,400 US troops, 1100 Israeli soldiers, more than 140 fighter jets (100 US aircraft, including four B-52 strategic bombers, two MQ-9 Reaper drones and 42 Israeli aircraft), 12 marine units, missile systems and US’s aircraft carrier George HW Bush.

According to the Israeli regime army, the US and Israeli air forces will practice different scenarios to cooperate and participate in applying various sorts of fighter jets, transport planes and drones. The drills are planned to gauge the joint preparedness of the Israeli and the US forces as well as expand operational ties between the two armies.

Simultaneous with the onset of the drills, the US TV channel CNBC quoted an American military commander as saying that the objective of the drills is to tell foes like Iran that the Russian attack on Ukraine, and Beijing’s threats on accumulating a large military force, would not distract the United States.

The drills started in a situation that the tensions between Washington and Tehran mounted severely in recent weeks because of the Joe Biden administration’s support for the recent unrest in Iran as well as the imposition of new sanctions on Iranian individuals, firms and entities. Moreover, after new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took office, the firebrand Zionist official claimed that he would foil what he said is Iran’s attempt to attain nuclear weapons through taking strict stances against the Islamic Republic.

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