Meeting Between Syrian Democratic Council Representatives with Syrian Government

Sunday 29 July 2018 - 21:49

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Thursday 26 July a group of representatives of Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) entered Damascus by invitation of Syrian Government to discuss the future of collaboration and current issues.

This is the first formal meeting of Syrian Kurds with Damascus from the beginning of the Syrian war which shows a new period for Kurds in Syria and north of Syrian situation has begun.

The main agenda of this meeting is about military and political issues and solving current disagreement between two sides.


Nevertheless, after the meeting and considering the results, it can be concluded that it was more a preparation for future meetings and at the moment no specific agreement was made.


In the same sense, SDC after the meeting stated that this meeting is a preparation for future meetings and form committees in different levels to aim for ending war in Syria and implementation of democracy in a short statement.


Some rumors released in social media that SDC agreed in the meeting to retreat from some regions and leave the control to Syrian Government, which cannot be confirmed.


Regardless of rumors, the negotiation between Syrian Government and SDC is considered a positive step to resolve disagreements, which existed even before the war and can lead to a true united Syria.

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