Yemen: Drone Attack On Al-Qaeda Terrorists’ Vehicle In Eastern Marib

Tuesday 31 January 2023 - 14:17

ISWNews Analysis Group – A drone strike on a vehicle carrying the Al-Qaeda terrorist elements in the east of Marib Governorate, about 120 kilometres east of Yemen’s modern capital, Sanaa, left three terrorists killed.

On January 30, a sedan vehicle was pounded by an offensive UAV in vicinity of Al-Haira gas station in Al Samdah area, on the road from Marib-Al Abar. Local sources reported that the vehicle was carrying three passengers, including Hasaan al-Hadhrami who was in charge of making bombs and explosives for the al-Qaeda terrorist group, as well as his brother Musa Hadbol, who were killed in the Monday airstrike.

Hasaan al-Hadhrami was a notorious member of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group and a Saudi national, who had been targeted in another drone strike on Al Hadba region on November 30, but the terrorist was injured and survived the airstrike.

According to the released photos of the vehicle of the Al-Qaeda terrorists and the continuation of drone airstrikes to assassinate the terrorists, it seems to be probable that such attacks have been carried out by the offensive drones of the US Army. Earlier, the US forces have conducted numerous airstrikes in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan by the use of MQ-9 Reaper drones that are capable of carrying Hellfire missiles, including the R9X missile.

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