Million March Of Yemeni People On The Anniversary Of Saleh Al-Sammad Martyrdom

Saturday 25 February 2023 - 10:25

ISWNews Analysis Group – In response to the call of the leader of Ansar Allah, the people of Yemen held a large-scale march under the title of “loyalty to martyr al-Sammad, solidarity with Palestine and warning to the aggressor coalition” in the cities under the control of Ansar Allah.

On Friday, February 24th, the people of Yemen held a mass rally and march under the title of “loyalty to martyr al-Sammad, solidarity with Palestine and warning to the aggressor coalition” in various cities under the control of Ansar Allah, in response to the call of Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, the leader of Ansar Allah on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Saleh Ali al-Sammad.

In the final statement of this march, the people of Yemen declared solidarity with the Palestinian people while warning the member countries of the Saudi coalition and their main supporters regarding the continuation of the all-round blockade of Yemen.

In a televised speech on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Saleh al-Sammad, the former chairman of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, said:

“Martyr al-Sammad was a model of honesty, loyalty, patience and tireless effort, and after the position of president (head of the Supreme Political Council), he still maintained the spirit of a soldier who is with God and his people.
Some of those who reach the position of president, reach this position with assets, companies and huge investments and even urban development in some countries, And some others who left this post with a heavy burden due to abuse of their position at the cost of suffering and oppression of the people and neglecting their issues.
Those who used the presidency to loot the wealth of their people, and considered themselves as national symbols, their treachery was revealed. They talked about homeland and patriotism in their media, but in the most difficult stages, they not only left their people alone, but also conspired against them in Sana’a, the capital of the country.
However, unlike other people who seek positions for personal gain, Martyr Al-Sammad had no desire to reach positions. He accepted this responsibility based on his belief and sense of responsibility that was formed with the insistence of others. His spirit and morals did not change after this responsibility and he still maintained the spirit of a soldier, a simple citizen and a servant of the people.
Martyr al-Sammad tried to activate institutions, popular mobilization and continuous support in the army and popular committees. In all stages of the Saudi coalition’s invasion to control Hudaydah, he played a role in mobilizing the people and activating the official and popular capacities and pushing them to confront the aggression.
All the operations of the aggressor coalition, including the operation that targeted Hudaydah, were carried out under the supervision of the United States.
The assassination of Martyr al-Sammad was motivated and directed by the Americans. They have repeatedly announced that one of the most important roles they play directly in the aggression against Yemen is identifying the targets. We conducted research, the definitive conclusion of which is that the Americans identified martyr al-Sammad as the main target of the Saudis. They admit that they were directing the bombing operation and were in charge of monitoring the operation from the beginning. In this aggression, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are tools to do what the Americans dictate and draw for them.
We have the right to treat any armed presence in Yemen as an occupation. Foreign troops must be removed from our country and we will try with all options to expel the invaders whether on land, sea or sky.”

Leader of Ansar Allah considered the main reason for the strength and victories of the Yemeni people over their enemies to be God’s support, and in explaining the details and the latest status of the negotiations, he said:

“The attack that we witnessed at this stage was the strongest attack in the history of Yemen, considering the size of the armies and the harsh conditions and suffering that the people faced.
An important area of our country remained (free), which shows the strategic depth and the inability of the invaders to control it by God’s grace.
We are currently in the phase of de-escalation and limited progress in port and airport traffic. The current stage also includes working to prevent the looting of the national wealth of oil, its sale and the looting of its value and price. Also, the dialogue with the mediation of Oman continues, and the aggressor coalition seeks to delay the implementation of the commitments that must be made. During the negotiations, we noticed the negative role of America and their monitoring and role in postponing the commitments of the aggressor coalition.
The commitments that we demand are the right of our people and the responsibility of implementing them is with the aggressor coalition because it is he who is the aggressor and the besieger.

In another part of his speech, Sayyid al-Houthi expressed solidarity with the Palestinian nation and pointed out the Arab countries’ hostility towards Iran and said:

“It is a big fallacy to accuse Iran of enmity with the Arabs and to introduce Israel as a friend! Israel has killed Arabs and insulted their honors, and its presence in the region is aimed at looting their lands and wealth. Israel is actually the enemy of all Muslims and the first enemy of Arabs. But Iran’s position on Palestine is an honorable one. Iran is the biggest supporter of Palestine and also the main supporter of Lebanon.”

It should be mentioned that Saleh al-Sammad was the second head of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, who was martyred by a Saudi drone strike in April 20, 2016 on his way back from Al Hudaydah university in Al Khamseen street along with a numbers of his companions.

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